Monday, October 4, 2010


... what you are a "nerd" for. We're all nerds for something. That thing you cannot get enough of or know enough about. The one that would make you the perfect "Phone-a-Friend" if your cousin were asked about it on a game show.
Bonus! It's now socially acceptable. Nerd for model trains? Join the NMRA for the promised "portal to more fun in scale model railroading." Jazzercising, knitting--with the vast and varied Internet community you're sure to find others happy to be nerds for (fill in the blank) right alongside you.
So, this week declare what you're a nerd for. Tell us why and, while you're at it, share any favorite sites or resources--just in case you have a lonely fellow nerd out there. (Nerd for handmade gifts? Visit Morphologica's web site on for necklace pictured here.)


  1. I'm a nerd for a few things ... organizing, researching purchase decisions ... (you should have seen the faze buying a new car put me in--lots of time on consumer and opinion sites, countless searches on classifieds. I don't want to buy another car for at least 10 years.) But maybe the most nerdy thing I'm a nerd for is decorating cakes. I don't like to decorate--too messy--but, I love catching an episode of Food Challenge: Wedding Cakes or standing as long as is not-too-creepy outside the observation window at our local bakery. Something about it facinates me. The decadence, creative possibilities. I'm sure there's something psychologial about it. I also like seeing when cake decorating goes wrong, check out for some doozies.

  2. I'm a total nerd for New Kids on the Block. I admit it. I'm gaga for Donnie Wahlberg and totally not afraid to admit it. :)

    I would also say I'm a nerd for reading. I just love books. I have the hardest time getting rid of a single one. Some day I'll be that little old lady in a tiny house surrounded by walls of books that I just can't bear to see tossed...

  3. I am a total nerd for Harry Potter Books. not a nerd for harry potter merchandise.

  4. You know I'm a nerd for food and NPR. Here is another nerdy genre I love!

  5. Total nerd for cooking and trees. Several other things as well but these are the two things I find occupying my time while I stare bleary eyed into nothingness.

  6. You already know I'm a nerd for being awesome.

    And for as long as I can remember I've been a nerd for cooking shows. Even as a grade-schooler, I would come home and immediately turn on the TV to watch "Great Chefs of the West" or whatever region of the world they were highlighting. After that show I would watch Batman cartoons.